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Property guide to Buying

Purchasing Costs in Spain

Apart from the actual cost of a property, you will need to allow 13% of the purchase price, depending on the price of the property, whether it is new or a resale and whether a mortgage is needed or not, to cover the various fees and costs of acquiring a property.

IVA (VAT) on all property purchases at 10% of the contract price and (21% on land).

Legal Fees from 1% to 2% approximately, again depending on the price of the property, Notary and Land Registry Fees are approximately 1%, Title Deed Tax at 0.5% of the declared value.

Reservation Contract

This is the first document you will sign and you will be expected to pay a deposit of 5,000 € reserving the property. The contract acting as a receipt for monies paid with respect of the purchase. It is normally valid for 30 days to give lawyers time to carry out the necessary searches but may be extended to up to 90 days in certain circumstances. (Be aware that according to Spanish law, this will be a non refundable deposit should you withdraw from the sale)

Legal Issues when buying a property in Spain

The solicitor will take care and assist you in all the different steps involved in the transaction. There are many excellent English-speaking solicitors in Spain. Choosing the right solicitor is your guarantee that Spanish legal requirements are met, the property is registered in the vendor’s name and that it is free of any mortgages, charges, encumbrances, debts or other liabilities.

Notary (Notaria)

Public official appointed by the Spanish government to witness the signing of all legal public documents. They put on the public record the fact that the title deed recording the sale/purchase has been signed in their presence and understood by the parties concerned. When the Escritura (Deeds) is signed in front of the notary either the purchase price is handed over to the person selling the house or the seller confirms that the money has already been handed over. The original signed document is retained by the notary who will apply for a formal change in the land registry.

Urbanization and Community Fees

Controlled by the committee of owners and covering the running and maintenance costs of shared facilities which can include private roads, drains, lighting, private water supplies, gardens, swimming pools etc. This can be as little as 150 € per year or as high as 1000 € 2000 €

Property Taxes in Spain

The local town hall charge IBI on owned Property (tax Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles), which is an annual real estate tax. This local tax varies and is based on the Catastral value of the property.


Fire insurance is compulsory by law when taking out a mortgage. Comprehensive household insurance is available to protect your home and contents. Life insurance can be taken out to guarantee payment of the loan in the case of death.


The standard charge for a telephone line installation from Movistar is around 180 €. The line rental and call charges are then payable every two months. However there are now various companies offering low cost calls and ADSL.

Water and Electricity

Utilities have a standing charge and the charges for consumption are in addition to this. The costs are similar to the UK and Ireland.

Tax on Rental Income

Britain and Ireland have a double taxation treaty with Spain. Tax is paid on the declared income from the property and your rental income must also be declared to the inspector of taxes in Britain or Ireland.

Numero de Identificacion Fiscal (NIE)

Foreigner’s Identification Number. All non-residents require a NIE. You need to obtain this in person at the foreigners department at the National Police headquarters. Your agent will assist you with the procedure. This number is required before the purchase of any property in Spain.

Plus Valia

Plus Valia tax, this is a tax on any increase in land value from the date it was last sold, this varies from region to region and is normally charged to the seller of the property but may have to be retained by the buyers solicitor to clear this tax.

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